Wooden shutters

Shutters are the oldest protection of windows from the sun and other atmospheric influences, providing coziness and comfort in the home. In summer, they protect effectively from the heat, but also guarantee additional protection against burglary. Through their design and colors, they remain traditional to this day, a beautiful element of the building's facade emphasizing its character. Wooden shutters are also indispensable in the authentic style renovation of old ones, classical buildings. Depending on their construction, they can be divided into three main types:
  • Covers with fixed slats.
The slats are immovably locked in the sash frame, which allows no heat to enter when the lid is closed, but let diffuse light and air penetrate. They have their advantages – accordion-type covers can be made suitable for large showcases on terraces, sliding covers, folding covers.
  • Covers with removable slats.
The slats can move in the sash frame, through a specific fitting and to be locked in a certain position. In this way, when the lid is closed, the penetration of light can be regulated. Due to the characteristic fittings, they are most often used in classical constructions.
  • Tight lids.
The wings are made of waterproof laminated wood with thickness 30 mm, which allows for decorative milling of the surface and in combination with a wide range of colors a versatile design is achieved. Due to the considerable strength of the material, in combination with modern hardware, they also achieve maximum protection against burglary. They are suitable for houses with seasonal occupancy or those exposed to an aggressive climate.
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