Except for the covers, we also offer other modern external sun protections such as:
    • Roller blinds
    • Package blinds with horizontal adjustable slats
    • Covering and facade rolls
    • Automatic awnings, etc.
In recent years, the trend for buildings with high energy efficiency and varying degrees of automation has become increasingly popular. Sunscreens are one of the important elements, which control the heat flow from the sun. In our climate, it is almost impossible to build a passive house without automatic solar protection. Depending on the requirements in the projects, we consider the windows and their sun protection as a general unit ensuring the comfort of living in the building. All of the sunshades listed above are available in a variant with autonomous or automatic control, which can be combined with sun sensors, rain and wind according to the requirements for the degree of automation of the building and its architecture. You will find more information about the specific types in the relevant prospectuses and brochures.
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