handsome young man installing bay window in a new house construction site.


The joinery is an element of the building, which is built into the building openings. Quality installation is important for its long-lasting and trouble-free operation. Po - the installation of windows for low-energy and passive buildings is specific.

Workman adjusting window frames at home


Windows are exposed to the harmful effects of the weather and in order to function well for a long period of time timely maintenance is required. Fittings are recommended to be cleaned, adjust and lubricate at least once a year. Modern varnishes for wooden windows have UV protection and resistance 5-7 years. The durability of the coating can be extended, no need for renovation, by coating with specialized preparations at least once a year. They create an additional film, which preserves the strength and good appearance of the varnish.

Wiping windows


When using the windows above 10 and more years, especially without maintenance and in more aggressive weather conditions, it gets damaged. Damage partially or completely impairs its function and appearance, which necessitates its renovation. The destroyed surface coating is removed and new layers of impregnants and varnishes are applied.