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Wood has been one of the most widely used materials in human life for centuries. Its physical and mechanical properties and its aesthetic appearance make it indispensable for a variety of applications. Wood is a natural material created by nature. The diverse wood species have a unique texture and give endless possibilities for design and unadulterated beauty. Broadly speaking, wood is a bundle of fibers (pipes), which gives it considerable strength, elasticity and good thermal insulation at low relative weight.

Until ago less than 70 For years, wood has been the main material for the production of windows. Even today, this tradition continues to develop technologically and defines wooden joinery as a modern product with undeniable qualities.


The irreplaceable qualities of wood as a construction material, combined with modern technologies for its processing

Profiles for modern wooden windows are made of multi-layer glued lamellas, which gives them permanent dimensional stability, strength and versatile design possibilities both in complex cross-section and in achieving large-sized frames, For example – size showcases 6 p 3 m in class "passive windows".

The variety of forms, sizes and colors – unique aesthetic appearance

The classic windows familiar to us from the cultural monument buildings have the most diverse shapes and details. Modern wooden windows can keep these forms permanent, achieving significantly better thermal insulation. The unique aesthetic appearance is due to the bio-diversity of the wood species used and the variety of surface treatments and decorative coatings, for example – the colors of varnish coatings according to RAL K5 are 210 no.

Energy efficiency and operational qualities

The well-known heat-insulating qualities of wood are a significant advantage in joinery – lack of profile condensation, almost zero temperature deformation. On the other hand, its strength makes it possible to make strong frames with large sections of the profiles, in order to install heavy triple glazing units with a coef. And=0,5 W/m²K. Apart from the profile system, the glazing unit is the other main element for achieving good energy efficiency. The fact is also worth noting, that in the case of wooden joinery, the glass units are sealed with two silicone seams on the outside and on the inside to the frames. Modern peripheral hardware and seals complement the above.

Environmental friendliness of the products

Wood is a renewable bio-resource and with relatively little energy input for processing until reaching the final product. It emits no harmful emissions and can be recycled. New varnish coatings with UV protection and good maintenance extend the period of operation allowing the trees to reach technological maturity.


Wooden joinery is an ecological product, which creates comfort, saves energy and is safe in the process of operation.

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Wooden joinery is the oldest type of joinery in human history. Traditions combined with modern technologies make it a product with undeniable qualities even today. The aesthetics of classic wooden windows are timeless.

This two-component profile system has already over 20 annual tradition, is constantly developing technologically and is the best solution for modern windows.

For decades, systematic research has been carried out to build a house with zero energy consumption, leading to the creation of the "Passivhaus Standard" by Dr. Wolfgang Feis. In two words, "passive houses" are these, who consume less than 1/10 from the energy, necessary for mass construction buildings.