Drag and drop (type VW) JEUVICA


This is a traditional system, at which the wing opens, pulls in and slides standing in front of the fixed unit on a side-mounted rail to the lower profile of the frame. Characteristic of this construction is its elegance, the profiles have minimal cross-sections like the standard opening windows. With this type of joinery, the sash is closed peripherally to the frame, providing maximum sealing in the rebate system, and at the same time, when it is open, it does not interfere with the interior, which makes it suitable both for exits to balconies and terraces and for windows with limited internal space. This system provides sufficiently large glazed areas with a modern look while saving space. At the total maximum size of the panoramic wall 3 p 2,50 m and opening ½ a transition is provided 1,40 p 2,50 m. VW type panoramic walls can be realized from the corresponding profile system - wood or wood + aluminum in the various energy efficiency options, including for "passive houses" .